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Our Team

GRACE OYEMADE, Founder/Co-ordinator

Grace is a passionate lady who has demonstrable skills in problem solving. She graduated from University of Lagos with a degree in Accounting. She is a seasoned chartered banker of the charteted institute of bankers of Nigeria.

Grace is a card payment analyst and has received extensive trainings centered around cards in the business management and operations management in the VISA business school.

She worked at United bank for Africa where Served as a voice of customers to the bank by identifying unusual trends affecting them. This helped her imbibe a culture of taking proactive measures in every task.

Grace embarked on several personal projects like renovating classrooms and building convenience for public secondary school, organizing skill acquisition programs for the youth during her National youth
service corps year, 2014 that earned her awards like Millennium Development Goals Advocacy Project State Award and Ebonyi State project Award. She has remained active in the act of service by volunteering through the years with several NGOs and subsequently started this group because she believes in the fact that a Life for others is a Life of happiness and fulfilment.

Watch out for amazing opportunities to reach out.

OLUSEGUN ADEWALE, Content Director

A banker by profession, technically skilled in computer engineering. He also engages in mobile engineering as well as electrical and electronic engineering.

He was a data executive analyst with StanbicIBTC Pension, account maintenance officer with StanbicIBTC bank and  a Tax/Audit consultant with Astom Consulting.

He is currently working with one of the leading bank in Nigeria.

His core interest always is about life changing event, challenging status quo by mode of building a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. This model has been engineered within Engraced Lifestyle and awaken us to see the world differently, with new motivation and possibilities for success.

AWOLEYE ABIGAIL, Legal adviser

I am lawyer and I specialize in property law and the corporate services.

Rendering Humanitarian services has always been my passion which sprang up during my youth service year in rendering pro bono services at the ILARO, OGUN STATE prison services to help inmates that are incapable of acquiring legal services.

This foundation has provided a platform to volunteer actively in spurring hope for all, sensitization on healthy lifestyle and a whole lot more packages, as one of the trustee of this great foundation, I am honoured to make an impact in my generation and as a body we all can make the world a more better place to live in love, harmony, peace, sound minds.


I am a seasoned Civil Engineer in the oil and gas with practical experience in design and analysis of offshore and onshore structural platforms.

A great crusader of infrastructural and environmental sustainability, contributing to research works cleaner water and bio-remediation of contaminated sites in order to secure a greener planet for the future generations.

I am passionate for humanitarian activities and committed to alleviate poverty and give hope to the less privileged particularly the ghetto children.

JUDE OSAMOR, Project Manager

I am a Petroleum and Gas Engineer from the University  of Lagos, Nigeria and the University of Surrey, England respectively.

There is no living without doing something to be remembered for and that's why I am passionate about changing lives.

Comfort Olaleye, Financial Secretary

Olaleye Comfort Anuoluwapo is a graduate of Guidance and Counseling and an Msc holder in Psychology, with specialty in Counseling and Human Development from University of Lagos.

She is a practitioner of Family Life and has been certified by the Child Power Championship Program set out to educate children and Parents  against Child predators and Sexual Abuse.

Comfort sees life as an opportunity to make impact, restore sanity to hurting souls, meet the needs of individuals and guide them on the path to fulfill their potentials.


Christina Olusile is a passionate and value driven young lady. She graduated from Babcock University Ilishan Remo Ogun State with a First class degree in Economics. She is a qualified accountant of the institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and holds  a professional cerification in Customer Relationship Management.
Christina is an alumna of the Lagos Business School’s Venture In Management Program  and Young Talent Program. She has received extensive trainings on topics around finance, tax, people and business management.

Her key areas of interests include corporate training, Business Consulting, financial literacy and youth/women empowerment. She has served in a number of leadership positions, held some job positions and facilitated trainings along these lines of interest.
She worked with the programs team of Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN), an international non-profit organisation focused on financial literacy  entrepreneurship and work readiness. As a staff of JAN, she facilitated trainings in schools from primary to tertiary levels and also trained middle to senior level staff of corporate organisations, including major banks and consulting firms, who signed up as volunteers with JAN.

She subsequently worked at KPMG where she gathered over three years experience and rose to the role of senior consultant. She did not relent at her involvement in the social sector/social enterprises.  Christina remained an active volunteer with a number of NGOs whose activities aligned with her interests. This culminated to her receiving the prestigious ‘Improving Communities’ award at KPMG, in 2018. She has also received a number of awards from NGOs she volunteered with, in recognition of her exceptional contributions.

Her love for corporate training led her to take up a role with LYD consulting where she currently heads the consulting division. In addition to leading various consulting projects for corporates, she facilitates soft skill trainings, especially for major banks/Financial institutions, at various locations in Nigeria.

Christina has excellent speaking, training and compere skills. She enjoys public speaking, spoken word and hosting corporate events. She also enjoys reading, writing, singing, dancing, and meeting people. She particularly loves to volunteer on projects that focus on inspiring and empowering teenagers, youth and women.

Christina serves on a number of advisory boards including SMEs and NGOs

Debola Ajayi, Project Manager

I am an Author, expert Business analyst, Strategist, seasoned Public Speaker, and the Founding Partner of Business Alliances Ltd. (a Business Consulting firm based in Lagos State, Nigeria) where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Consultant.

I am a fellow with the Young Stars Development initiative, which has consultative status with the U.N

Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC] and is in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy [NED] Washington, DC.

Having finished from the University of Lagos as an Economist and interned with members of Harvard Business School, he transitioned to the world of business and has been able to assist young entrepreneurs and SMEs in Nigeria monetize their businesses, improve staff productivity and develop business ideas.

As a result of his passion to help social entrepreneurs reach their highest potential, he interned with members of the Walter Carrington fellowship, to execute the Promenade Youth Initiative, focused on capacity building and development for high school students

Debbie Adeboyejo, Creative Director

Debbie is an Entrepreneurship Development Consultant by day and Baker by night. Her

professional career has featured stints at Accenture Nigeria with the Accenture

Development Partnership team, the Hara Business Group in Nottingham where she served

as a Business Analyst developing solutions for the public transportation system in London,

an Indoor Sales Advisor at Domestic and General Group Nottingham, UK and the Students in

Free Enterprise (ENACTUS) where she led sixty entrepreneurs to develop various

entrepreneurship projects.

As of today, Debbie is a co-founder of a for profit-for-impact enterprise called ElleVienne

Streams which provides advisory services to young and budding female entrepreneurs in

Africa to help them properly structure and manage their enterprises. She is also the creator

of “EntrepediaWithDebbie,” a vlog focused on providing entrepreneurship education for

African SME owners in the most edgy and pragmatic form. Lastly, she manages a home￾based bakery that serves clientele spanning corporates to independent retail stores and

individual consumers.

Debbie holds a BSc (Honours) in Economics from Babcock University and an MSc in

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management from Nottingham University Business

School. She is also an alumnus of the Venture in Management Program (ViMP) and the

Young Talents Program (YTP) from the Lagos Business School (LBS). She is fondly referred to

as the “Queen of Enterprise Education.”

Enoch-Adeniyi A. Adekunle, Head, Logistics

Niyi is an Industrial and environmental Chemist from Federal University of Technology Akure, and University of Ibadan respectively.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of De Awesome Touch Events one the fastest growing event firms in Nigeria.

Due to his passion for humanity, He has been able use his culinary skills such as catering, baking, cocktail mixing, grilling etc. to empower young ones through skill acquisition programs.

He has come to realize when we give to those who can never pay back, God becomes our debtor and He owes no man